Student Engagement

Student Engagement: Identity, Motivation and Community

Birmingham City University’s pioneering work in student engagement is showcased in a new book, ‘Student Engagement – Identity, Motivation and Community’, which contains 15 chapters collaboratively written by 43 students and staff.

The book, believed to be the first of its kind, has been recognised by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and National Union of Students (NUS) for its co-creation of learning and inspirational case studies showing how student engagement can make an outstanding impact and generate positive outcomes not only for those involved but for the wider University.

Professor Craig Mahoney, Chief Executive of the HEA, says in the foreword: “It is encouraging to see such wonderful examples of a diverse range approaches taken to support the enhancement of the student experience, recognising that working with students as partners and co-producers of knowledge, can have significant and tangible benefits to not only the student, but to the staff, the institution and the development of future learning landscapes for the next generation of leaders that will enter our esteemed institutions seeking knowledge, learning, development and life-changing experiences.”

This book is reflective of our whole institutional approach to student engagement, an approach that places the notion of students working with staff, as partners in the improvement of the learning experience, at the centre of our institutional enhancement agenda. Not only does this book look at the success of student engagement, it also outlines and presents ways in which to overcome barriers to such engagement.

The idea for the book was developed in February 2012 in discussions between LiHE (The International Academic Association for the Enhancement of Learning-centred Higher Education), EDS, the Birmingham City Students’ Union and Libri Publishing Ltd. This led to a framework of structured writing events in the Spring and an invitation to a residential writing symposium at Wroxall Abbey in October 2012.

The book launch was held at the University’s School of Jewellery on 24 April 2013. The Vice-Chancellor offered a video address to celebrate the publication of this book.

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