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21 Mar 2018 (7:30pm)
22 Mar 2018 (7:30pm)
23 Mar 2018 (2:30pm)
23 Mar 2018 (7:30pm)
24 Mar 2018 (5:00pm)

The Crescent Theatre

Sheepcote Street, Birmingham B16 8AE.


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By Simon Paisley Day
Directed by Pamela Schermann

Briony and Keith are not finding parenthood easy. Their successful friends, Ross and Rosy, engineer a relaxing weekend away in Wales: intelligent adult company, good food and drink, complete rest – and absolutely no children.
But making up the numbers are the unpredictable Charles and Serena. Add an uninvited anarchic adolescent and a fanatical farmer and Briony and Keith’s idyllic weekend erupts into total chaos…

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