surveying apprenticeship Our Apprenticeship in Chartered Surveying is designed to give those working in surveying – including Building Surveyors, Commercial Property Surveyors, Residential Property Surveyors, and Planning and Development Surveyors – the knowledge and skills required to operate effectively in the property and construction sector.

By successfully completing this programme, participants will have met the core requirements for surveying in law, information management, finance, health and safety, sustainability, construction technology and consultancy, as well as two optional areas.

Students will also enhance their ability to meet the standards of behaviour expected from a surveyor – providing a high standard of service, acting in a way that promotes trust in the profession, acting with integrity, treating others with respect, and taking responsibility for their work.

This degree-level apprenticeship provides the opportunity to continue to build experience in the workplace while gaining additional knowledge which participants can apply to their current roles and future career.