How to stop worrying about a bad exam

You're finished with exams, so that means exam stress is over, right? Well, that would be nice but a lot of students find they can't stop worrying about their test results. Which is where we can help.

We've got a whole host of tips on how to stop feeling anxious. We'll help you spot if you've given a stupid exam answer (and throw in some funny test answers too). Whatever your concern, we've got your back!

How to stop worrying about exam results

Steps to take to avoid obsessing and replaying your exam.

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before exams bcu

How you feel now exams are over

You’ve put the pen down on your last exam and spent your final two hours in a college exam hall. Time to make the summer yours - or sleep for blissfull exam free days.

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what if i fail 2

What if I fail my exams?

If you're worried about failing (and who isn't) just know there are plenty of other options available for you. Here's a guide on how to keep the worries at bay until results day. 

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How colouring can help you de-stress

Find out how colouring can help you keep exam stress at bay. Try it out yourself with our free colouring PDF!

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Real exam disasters 

No amount of revision could prepare these people for what happened in the exam room. No matter how wrong you think it may go, it really won't be this bad.

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How exercise can relieve exam stress

Revision getting you down? Exercise could be the answer! Read the top four ways exercise has been proven to effectively help exam stress and revision

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How to tell if your exam didn't go well

Walked out of your exam fearing the worst? Most people do! Here’s how to tell if your exam didn't go well or if you're worrying over nothing.

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Expert mindfulness tips and techniques

Try these simple mindfulness techniques to redirect your post-exam stress so you can enjoy your summer.

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one year on from clearing list

Clearing one year on

AAAAAHHHHHHH RESULTS DAY! It's coming up and everyone is terrified. Hafsa went through Clearing and one year on she's doing great.

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