Online Communities and Games Culture

You could get a fully funded PhD, plus get extra money for living expenses through the Midlands3Cities Arts and Humanities scholarships, to study with the Online Communities and Games Culture team housed within the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research.

The Online Communities and Games Culture team explores how individuals and organisations operate and form communities of interest through online technologies.

Dr Nick Webber researches the relationship between technology and culture, focusing in particular on power relationships in online game communities, whilst Dr Dima Saber, co-founder of, which built the first open community newsroom and media innovation/startup lab in the Middle East and North Africa region, has developed research around open educational resources (OER) and creative ways to enhance media and digital literacy in teaching, learning, and research.

Dr Inger-Lise Bore’s research focuses primarily on screen audiences, including comedy audiences, fandom and online audience activities, and both Professor of Music Industries Innovation, Andrew Dubber, and Prof. Tim Wall, have conducted extensive research into online music communities.

Dr Oliver Carter, who wrote his doctoral thesis on Political Economy of European Cult Cinema Fandom, has a particular interest in how new media technologies have eroded the boundaries between producers and audiences and are allowing fans to start their own media enterprises, and Dr Paul Long, who has previously led research projects around cultural policy and music education, heritage and tourism, has recently investigated the culture of both art and technology organisations, the nature of partnerships between them, and the consumption of art both on- and offline.

We welcome enquiries and expressions of interest from potential doctoral students who want to pursue a research degree in the areas described above. Students can work on traditional dissertations or practice-based research.