Popular Music and Radio

You could get a fully funded PhD, plus get extra money for living expenses through the Midlands3Cities Arts and Humanities scholarships to study with the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research.

We are particularly keen to attract applicants who wish to study in one of the following areas:

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We are one of the leading research centres and have a proven track record in producing internationally excellent research in a number of diverse areas of popular music and radio, including studies of music fans online, new strategies for the music and radio industry, and ways to re-examine jazz. You would be supervised by academics who combine research, teaching and work in music and radio.

Prof Tim Wall, for instance, uses insights from his historical studies to understand contemporary technological and cultural change, and works with students studying internet and community radio, European jazz, and online music sharing.

Professor of Music Industries Innovation, Andrew Dubber, has authored several key texts on digital music and is widely respected in the industry and well known for his New Music Strategies blog.

Dr Nick Gebhardt is the editor of the 'Trans-National Studies in Jazz' series for Routledge and is an authority on the entertainment industry, jazz history and popular music in the United States.

Our commitment to contributing new and useful knowledge to the field is clear in the work of Dr Simon Barber, who applies his research to collaborations with independent record labels, and is currently developing work around professional songwriters.

Professor Paul Long, Reader in Media and Cultural History, has developed important analyses of television histories of popular music and the role of music in popular culture.