Research degrees

As a postgraduate research student, you will be a member of our wider research community of academic and research staff. Studying for a research degree allows you to explore your chosen topic in depth, guided by expert supervisors within a supportive research environment.

We offer two types of research degree, one at doctoral level and one at Masters level, with scope to study full-time, part-time or by distance learning.

Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy or PhD is recognised worldwide as the 'gold standard', and is often an essential requirement for those wishing to follow an academic or research career in industry or commerce.

Doctor of Business Administration

The Doctor of Business Administration or DBA is a part-time professional doctorate offered by the Birmingham City Business School, which is ideally suited to those who are currently in employment and have significant experience of working in a commercial or public sector environment. In the DBA the research is carried out within the employing organisation.

If you are interested in studying for PhD or DBA, please contact the relevant Research Centre to discuss your ideas. We also offer the Professional Doctorate in Education or EdD, which is tailored to the needs of busy practitioners and enables them to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding through an interdisciplinary programme of research into their professional practice.

MA studentships

You can have the cost of your student fees paid for. Apply by 22 August.

Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership

The Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP), is a collaboration between the universities of Birmingham City, Birmingham, De Montfort, Leicester, Nottingham and Nottingham Trent. It provides research candidates with cross-institutional mentoring, expert supervision including cross-institutional supervision where appropriate, subject specific and generic training, and professional support in preparing for a career.

Student stories

Amna Nazir

Amna Nazir

PhD in Law

"Midlands3Cities is an amazing opportunity because of the collaborations between the six universities. We have access to all their facilities, research and lecturers. When I heard about all the things that would be available, I knew I had to apply.”

Amna's tips for applying: “Once you have a clear idea, look for an academic that has a similar research area and speak to them about it. They could guide you to mould your topic and make it more specific. I would also advise people to sit down and think clearly about what area they want to research.”

Anastasia Nikologianni

Anastasia Nikologianni

PhD Landscape Architecture

"For me, the Landscape Architecture course at Birmingham City University has been an absolute treasure."

"It has uncovered a totally new perspective in landscape design, making me understand why design and landscape are words complementary to one other."

‘"Studying and working at Birmingham City University has been great. The support and understanding that I have received - and still receive - is so encouraging."