Our facilities

When you join Birmingham City University, the first thing you will notice is the high standard of our campuses. With an investment of £260 million across our buildings and facilities, we are committed to giving you the very best learning environment to help shape your experience.

Hires and Loans

VisCom Hires and Loans landscape
VisCom Hires and Loans Portrait
VisCom Hires and Loans CU

The Agency

We are proud to operate our very own working creative agency: The Agency. As a part of The Agency, you can solve real live briefs for clients, collaborating and sharing ideas while building on your portfolio

VisCom The Agency sign
VisCom The Agency 2
VisCom The Agency 3

Film and Animation Facilities

VisCom Animation 1
VisCom Animation 2
VisCom Animation 3
VisCom Animation 5
VisCom Milo CU
Dr Who Angel Green Screen 1
Dr Who Angel Green Screen 2

Photography Facilities

VisCom Dark Room
VisCom Dark Room Pegs
VisCom Developing Rostrum
ADM VisCom Dark Room Processing
ADM VisCom Photography Studio 2

Print Room

Our Print Making workshop is a treasure trove of different facilities for you to work on your linoprinting, screenprinting, etching, hot foil pressing, letterpressing, book binding and more. We are open 5 days a week from 9.30-5.30 and our expert technician is always on hand to offer advice and guidance on using equipment.

VisCom Albion Press 1
VisCom Albion Press 2
VisCom Albion Press 3
VisCom Screen Printing 1
VisCom Roller Press 1
VisCom Letterpress 3
VisCom Letterpress 2
VisCom Letterpress 1
ADM VISCOM Print Room Paint

Digital Print Room

Located within the Digital Print Room are a range of printers which are capable of printing on paper up to A0 width. We have different machines to suit the size and paper type of print job you require, and dedicated technicians on hand to offer guidance and training. Scanners can also be found in this room, including a large Roll Scanner and a Bulk Negative Scanner.

VisCom Print Room WS
VisCom A0 Printer
VisCom Technical Assistance
VisCom Riso CU

Design for Performance

VisCom Design for Performance

The Fourth Floor

VisCom Wacom 1
VisCom Wacom 2
VisCom Paper Library Landscape
VisCom Operation Aquilla 2
VisCom Operation Aquilla 3
VisCom LightBoc and Creative Space
VisCom LightPen 1
VisCom LightPen 2
VisCom Riso CU
VisCom Typographic Archive 1
VisCom Typographic Archive 2
External Parkside Building and Water Feature
Parkside building from Curzon building
Parkside Interior
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