Public Research Seminar: Dr Jamie Savan

Public Research Seminar: Dr Jamie Savan - Revoicing a 'Choice Enuch'
Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire
£4 on the door
28 Feb 2017 (3:30pm - 4:30pm)

Revoicing A 'Choice Eunuch': The Cornetto and Historical Models of Vocality

‘Imitate the human voice’ is a familiar exhortation to instrumentalists in the pedagogical literature of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. But what does it mean to imitate the voice in practical terms? To what extent does the ‘vocality’ of the cornetto extend beyond a simple comparison of tone quality – e.g. with ‘a boy’s voice’ (Luigi Zenobi, c.1600) or, more colourfully, with that of ‘a choice eunuch’ (Roger North, c.1695)?

In this seminar, Dr Jamie Savan, Senior Lecturer and Associate Director of Research at the Conservatoire, as well as professional cornettist, will also explore ways in which particular attributes of vocality, such as solmization and transposition practice, are embodied in historical cornetto design, with live demonstrations on both hand-crafted and 3D-printed copies of historical instruments.

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