Help and advice for Clearing 2018

Whatever your situation this A Level Results Day, if you find yourself in Clearing it can be a confusing and worrying time. You've got to call (!) a university and you're worried you'll sound awkward on the phone, let alone having to break the news to your parents that you might not have got the results you were hoping for.

To take some of the stress away, we've got some advice to help you make it through the C word.

Psst... parents and teachers, we've got some stuff for you too!

Clearing myths

We've set things straight and separated the fact from the fiction.

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The eight stages every student goes through while waiting for exam results

If you've ever taken an exam and had to wait anxiously to see how you've done, you'll know that it's an emotional rolle...

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How to tell your parents you didn’t get the exam results you wanted

What to do if your parents are on your case wanting to know what grades you got and which university you'll be going t...

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What to do if you just missed your grades

What happens if it gets to results day and you’ve missed out on the grades you wanted by just a few marks?

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What to do next if we can't offer you a place in Clearing

If you’re still interested in going to uni, there’s lots of things you can be doing with your time to make the most ou...

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What to do if you're collecting your A Level results this week

Our mental health nursing student  Jean Tsiga shares her experience collecting exam results and has some top tips to ...

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Tales from the Clearing hotline

No matter what you’re worried you’ll blurt out, we have probably heard it before. Here’s 10 questions that were asked ...

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Ask our experts about Clearing 2018

Worried about your exam results? Having second thoughts? Don’t panic! Our advisers can help you explore your options fo...

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Changed your mind about your course?

You're not expected to stick with  your choice for life . Clearing gives you a chance to choose another course.

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What to do if my course is full in September?

Has the course you wanted to do filled up during Clearing? Or have you been unlucky and didn't make it into a competiti...

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A guide to calling the Clearing hotline

Calling the Clearing hotline might be daunting but it's a super easy conversation - here's how it goes.

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