Clearing next steps: accommodation and student finance

Once you have received and accepted a Clearing offer from us there are a couple more steps you may need to follow - apply for accommodation and sort out your finances:

Apply for accommodation

To apply for a place in University accommodation you must:

1Have accepted an offer on a full-time course with us
2Live further than 10 miles from your place of study.
3Apply online by midnight on Friday 31 August 2018

We understand the importance of securing accommodation to begin your University life. If you require accommodation you will be required to complete an on-line application as soon as possible, before 31 August 2018. We will aim to provide you with a room at one of our city centre accommodation sites or Belgrave View. However this is not guaranteed and is subject to availability.

Please note that, in order to apply for accommodation, your application must be UF status which means you must hold a firmly accepted unconditional offer from Birmingham City University. A room offer is dependent on the location of your permanent home in relation to your place of study and the date of your application. Please visit the pages for further details.

When your application achieves UF status you will receive a final acceptance email from us which includes your University Application Number.

You will need to quote this number when you apply for accommodation.  Please note that once you hold a firmly accepted unconditional offer, it may take up to two days before our accommodation system recognises the change to your offer status allowing you to apply on-line. Once your details have been updated you will then receive an email from the Accommodation Team with a link to apply for accommodation. Please complete the Clearing/Insurance Accommodation Application.

For applications received after 31 August 2018, we will aim to provide you with Accommodation if the rooms in our portfolio have been allocated we can assist in finding alternative accommodation with a University approved provider (subject to availability).

Find out more about accommodation at BCU >>

Sort out your finances

Haven’t applied for student finance yet? You need to apply right away

Student Finance England will try to make sure you get some of your student finance as close as possible to the start of term, but the sooner you apply the better.

Apply for student finance >>

Have you already applied but your course, university or college has changed due to Clearing?

You'll need to inform Student Finance England. Full-time students can do this by logging into their student finance account. Part-time and postgraduate students need to send a form to Student Finance England.

Find out more about financial support for undergraduates >>

Finance and enrolment

You will be expected to make/arrange fee payment at enrolment. If you cannot provide evidence of your student funding or application for funding it will not stop you being enrolled, but you will be responsible for payment of fees and will be required to make payment in accordance with the University’s Fee Payment Policy.

 Got a question about finance?
Contact Student Services on +44 (0)121 331 5588 or visit AskUs@StudentServices

Your questions answered! 

Application/Clearing questions

After an offer



Student finance

General information can be found here.

The start of term


1. What time does UCAS Track open?

UCAS Track opens at 8am on 17 August. This will allow applicants to see if they have been placed at their firm or insurance choice or are in Clearing.


2. I have an offer on one course at BCU but would like to be considered for another course?

If you had an offer made to you before Clearing you will need to contact the Admissions team to see if you are able to swap. You will not have an automatic right to swap - you will still need to meet the entry requirements of the new course. If you were offered a place during Clearing and you wish to change you will need to check if the course you wish to switch to is still available.


3. What should I do if I haven't received my GCSE results?

If you haven't received your results yet please get back in touch when you have them results. GCSE’s are not published until 23 August. As soon as you have received your GCSE results, check our website for course availability information in Clearing and call our Clearing Hotline if places are available and you would like to apply.


4. What should I do if I want to join year two or three of a course?

Call our Clearing hotline on 0121 331 6777 and we can refer you to the relevant faculty.


5. I was told someone would call me back but I haven't heard anything yet?

We’re really busy at the moment, as I’m sure you can understand. We’re processing everything as fast as we can so please be patient, someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


6. What should I do if I'm an EU or International applicant?

(For Clearing queries) Please email and a member of our International Team will be able to help you. (For non-Clearing queries) Please email, a member of our International Team will be able to help you.


7. What should I do if I want to apply through adjustment?

Please email admissions:


8. I have a disability, will it affect my application?

No it won’t affect your application. But please record it on your application form and someone from the Enablement Team will be in touch to discuss this in further detail and will be able to provide the information you need.


9. Can I start one course and transfer on to another one?

Whilst it is sometimes possible to transfer between courses within the University, this can only be done within a small timeframe if you were to want to change shortly after starting a course and it also depends on whether or not places are available on the other course and whether or not you would meet the entry requirements for that course. Therefore, we would stress that we cannot guarantee that switching courses will be possible and you should ensure that you choose the course you want to apply for carefully and be aware that you may not be able to change from it if you change your mind.


10. How do I apply for the January intake for nursing?

If you already have your qualification results and the January intake has vacancies advertised in Clearing, you can apply now. If you are waiting for qualification results, please check with us once you have received confirmation of these so we can advise about the most appropriate method to apply at that time.


11. Do you accept foundation years as entry requirements?

If you have a foundation year but don't have enough UCAS points from A Levels, please call the Clearing hotline on 0121 331 6777 to we can pass you through to the faculty to make a decision.


12. Where's my offer email?

Your offer email should be with you within an hour of you receiving the offer. It's if it has been longer please contact our admissions team, who will check your details.  


13. What do I do next?

You need to accept your offer on UCAS, make sure you’ve been released from any firm/insurance choices by speaking to those universities directly and then add your offer into UCAS. You then need to consider accommodation and student finance – and we have an Open Day on Saturday if you’d like to come and look around. 


14. How long does my offer last for?

Your offer lasts 24 hours, which gives you time to put your offer into UCAS. Your offer email should tell you how to do this, but if you’re not sure please let us know.


15. I'm waiting for another university to release me into clearing - will my place disappear?

Try not to panic, your place is yours, we won’t give it away in a hurry. However, try to put your offer into UCAS as quickly as possible. If you’re struggling to get released into Clearing by another university please email our admissions team and let them know. 


16. How do I prove my qualifications?

You will have to upload details into the enrolment portal or bring them on your first day. 


17. How do I get released from an offer?

Please complete this form to be released into clearing


18. Why haven't you released me yet?

We’re really busy at the moment, as we're sure you can understand. We’re processing everything as fast as we can so please be patient. Ensure you have completed our clearing release form to be released. It may take up to 24 hours for UCAS system to update after it receives the information from the University (this excludes weekends).


19. Why do I have an interview?

Some courses ask for an interview before they give you a place. You should have all the information about where you’re going and what you’re doing, but if you don’t please get in touch with the department.


20. I can't make my interview, what do I do?

Contact the department directly, they’ll be able to help you.


21. When do I hear about my interview results?

The interviewer should have told you when, we try and make a decision quickly. If you haven’t heard after a couple of days, get in touch with the department directly. 


22. How do I enrol?

You’ll get an email soon explaining how to enrol with step-by-step instructions, so keep an eye out! 


23. Where's my enrolment email?

It should be with you soon, once your offer has been confirmed. But, if you send me you email admissions your UCAS ID, full name and correct email address they can check we’ve got the right email address for you.


24. I'm stuck on enrolment I heed help?

If you’re stuck on enrolment please email and they’ll be able to help you!


25. When do I get my student ID card?



26. Why has my online application not been processed?

You can apply for accommodation here.


27. Where is this accommodation?

Our accommodation for clearing students is Oscott Gardens, which is in Perry Barr. Although you might be worried it’s a bit out of the way, don’t! Oscott Gardens is a great accommodation, with plenty of perks, and a 15-minute bus ride to the city centre. Have a look at the top of this page for more info. 


28. I don't like this accommodation - can I move?

If you don’t like the accommodation you’ve been allocated please email our accommodation team to discuss your options.


29. Where should I live?

You can apply for student accommodation at the top of this page and by visting our accommodation site. But if you’d like to live in private accommodation we’d recommend looking at BCUSU’s website which can help you find somewhere to live.


30. How do I apply for student finance?

You can read more about how to apply for student finance here it’s very easy to do!


31. Can I have a scholarship or bursary?

You can read more about scholarships and bursaries here and the financial support available to undergraduates here. Did you know we’re offer £150 to all students who enrol to spend in our online shop?


32. How do I transfer my student finance?

Contact Student Finance in order to notify them of any changes to the course and/ or institution you are applying for. Further information about making changes to your student finance application can be found online.


33. Where's my timetable?

Your timetable will be given to you during the first week of term, you should be told where to go in your enrolment confirmation email. If you don’t have this email please email the enrolment team to chase it.


34. When does term begin?

Semester 1 begins 24 September but the Big Welcome organised by BCUSU starts 17 September. You can see all term dates here


35. Do I have to go to the Big Welcome?

You should attend the course activities and lectures that are planned, as you may miss important information if you skip them. However, you don’t have to attend the social activities but we highly recommend going to a few, especially the societies and clubs fair so you can get involved in other activities! Read more about The Big Welcome here.


36. When is reading week? Can I go on holiday?

Not all courses have reading week, we would recommend getting in touch with your department to find out if you do have one, and bear in mind that reading week isn’t exactly a holiday, it’s a chance to get essays, coursework and reading done! 


37. Who's my personal tutor?

You’ll be assigned a personal tutor during your first week at uni, if not before so keep an eye on your emails! 


38. Where do I go on my first day?

You’ll be told where to go in your enrolment  confirmation email, but if you don’t have this, please email to check.