Research Podcasts

Each week during term time, staff and students get together to hear about the work of one of our researchers. Each seminar is accompanied by a podcast, in which the researcher talks about the work they have presented in the seminar. The latest ones can be found below.

Music for the podcast is by Lee Rosevere of Happy Puppy records.

Latest Podcast

In the latest episode, Melindy Brown (Twitter - @crimelindy) sits down with Kevin Hoffin to discuss his latest research into Black Metal. You can follow Kevin on Twitter - @KHriminology.

Research Extract

This essay attempts to dissect black metal's interestingly twisted relationship with decay. A deep study encompassing symbols of atrophy, with the eventual intention of observing and analysing them through a kaleidoscope of philosophical thought, influenced by, amongst others- the musings of Bataille, Kant and Nietzsche.

Issues appearing in both the real and the metaphorical will be placed under inspection, and a suitably blackened light will be shined towards the extent of how black metal exists and thrives in the organic collapse of matter and sound. There will be discussions on how black metal has itself become attuned to decay and how the two processes feed off each other, exist in harmonic conjunction and on rare occasions, oppose the other's being.

How black metal has metastasised with atrophy. Here we shall see two forces inexplicably intertwined, the numerous links given exposure and attempted understanding in the realm of black metal theory.