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Scholarships and Awards

Take a look at what some of our most outstanding students have achieved.

Rowlinson Scholarship

The Rowlinson Scholarship is awarded each year by the Faculty on behalf of the Rowlinson Trust. It is awarded to a first-year undergraduate student who has previously attended secondary education in Birmingham, and who achieves the best average marks over the year.

dmt scholarship anthony emeryMature student Anthony Emery won the Scholarship in 2008/09. Anthony left full-time education a number of years ago to embark on a short but successful career in the retail sector. Despite being promoted, he was interested in pursuing an academic career, and decided to return to full-time education, choosing a BSc in Multimedia Technology.

Throughout his studies, Anthony demonstrated commitment and hard work, achieving a commendable set of results in the first year of his studies.

He says: “Multimedia Technology jumped straight out at me because it seemed like a good all-round course covering various subject areas that I was interested in. I spend most of my spare time bettering myself in the field and reading around the subject. I keep a keen eye on the tech industry and love listening to tech podcasts and messing around with gadgets! I would love to do my final-year project on some aspect of programming and pursue a career in that subject area. I wouldn’t rule out doing a Master’s qualification related to the subject.”

The BSc (Hons) Multimedia Technology degree course develops broad cross-disciplinary skills and awareness of the growing interactive media industry sector. In particular, the course offers a combination of creative and technical thinking and students gain knowledge and skills in areas such as web and rich internet application development, animation, 3D-modelling and video production.

Sir Henry Royce Foundation Award

The Sir Henry Royce Foundation Award is made annually to the University’s technology student who has made the greatest contribution to faculty life during their undergraduate education. Made by Sir Henry Royce’s Memorial Foundation – established in 1977 for the advancement of engineering – the award recognises young engineers whose student life is testimony to Sir Henry's own philosophy; pursuit of excellence.

dmt scholarship simon howesIn 2008-09, the award was given to Sound Engineering and Production graduate, Simon Howes.

Simon became course Student Academic Representative while studying for the new BSc Honours course in Sound Engineering and Production. Throughout his four-year student career, Simon represented his course and colleagues at Boards of Studies and Faculty Board meetings.

His course director, Dr. Andrew Bourbon, says: “Being in the first cohort of his degree, Simon played a significant role in communicating with the course team. This helped develop the degree into its current form. He was also involved in organising and running events at the campus, which gave his fellow Sound Engineering students opportunities to hone their skills.”

Simon’s feedback, support for University events and enthusiasm helped lay the foundations of today’s lively Eastside campus community, aligning him with Sir Henry Royce's pursuit of excellence.

In welcoming Simon and other prize winners, with their families, to this year’s Awards Ceremony, the University’s Pro-Vice Chancellor, Prof. David Maguire, said: “Students such as Simon Howes have won the Faculty a high reputation with the Business Community.”

Simon added: “I originally decided to apply for the BSc (Hons) Internet Technologies course; however I missed the requirements due to poor A Level results. I chose the course because I had an interest in computing and the Internet. I telephoned the Clearing helpline and was offered the Computer Technology Foundation course.

“I passed the Foundation year and went on to study BSc (Hons) Sound Engineering and Production, as I had an interest in music production and electronics. I started the course in its first year of running, and as Student Representative I could raise any problems through the Board of Studies, which would then make improvements to the course.

“Academically, I enjoyed the practical side of the degree, especially live sound production, and I also enjoyed the theoretical side. I found the academic work hard; however, I had such passion for the subject that I succeeded and finished with a 2:1!

“During the final year of my degree, I was elected as the Faculty Representative to sit on the Faculty Board. This required discipline, organisational, communication and problem solving skills.

“While at University, I started a blog about the regeneration area of Eastside in Birmingham and this is still ongoing today.

“During my degree I enjoyed Foley and sound design, and I wish to take these skills further and undertake a postgraduate qualification. I wish to do this with Birmingham City University, and I’m waiting for the relevant research projects and funding to become available. In the future, I plan to start a career in film sound post production.”

Faculty of Technology, Engineering and the Environment Prize for Outstanding Achievement

dmt award greg price“ I can honestly say that I enjoyed pretty much all of my course,” says Greg Price. And it shows! He managed to pick up first class marks in virtually every module he tackled in this challengingly diverse degree – winning him this extremely well-deserved award.

“I’d worked for a few years and hadn’t found anything that inspired me….. the content of the Multimedia Tech course looked like exactly what I was looking for,” explains Greg. And he was right. He’s found the course has prepared him well for his current role as an interactive developer, “particularly the Flash/AS3 and Web Server module and personal development during my final year project”.

Greg carried on picking up valuable work experience during his time here, including working as an ActionScript programmer for the University. “Throughout my first and second year I worked part-time as a junior designer/developer for a local marketing agency,” he adds.

“I plan to continue to develop my skills as a professional and to develop my personal projects,” says Gregory. “I regularly carry out my own personal projects, which currently involves development for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad), and have just released my first iPhone app, STUFF (to do).” We’re sure it will be a hit!