How not to get distracted

Distractions goes with revision like Ant goes with Dec, or fish goes with chips. But unlike Ant and Dec, we're not likely to become an award-winning duo when paired up with a good helping of procrastination. So we're here to help you beat the boredom and increase your revision time with student tips, expert advice and a brain food recipe or two.

Procrastination - how to beat it

Procrastination, we’ve all been there. One minute we're reading flash cards, the next minute we're on our seventh YouTube prank video. But why do we procrastinate and how do we beat it?

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Revising with a noisy family

Sister begging you to play Disney Princesses? Mom got her friends over and Dad shouting at the football? Households can be very distracting, see our top tips and how to revise. 

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Five revision distractions and how to overcome them

We all know how to get pulled away from our revision, but how do we pull ourselves back, or better still not get pulled away at all? Help is here!

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Brain food - fruity oats

As we're all told, 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day'. So make sure you're eating the right kind. Oats are perfect for brain power and this recipe makes them far less boring than normal.

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Brain food - salmon wholegrain pitta pockets

Need a cheap easy lunch to keep you on track and focused during your revision packed afternoons? Our expert says these salmon pittas tick all the right boxes.

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Brain food - sweet potato tuna jackets

Is breakfast still the most important meal if you don't wake up until the afternoon? This sweet potato and tuna meal with give you all the power you need to revise long into the evening. 

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brain food - blueberry

Brain food - blueberry smoothie

Perfect for a quick pick-up or as a tasty start to the day at breakfast, this easy recipe will give you the energy boost needed to hit the books.  

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Comfort food - chocolate mug cake

If you’ve been revising hard and need a one person sized treat, this chocolate mug cake will do the job. It even has some brain food inspired ingredients.  

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Worried? Don't be.

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