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Distractions goes with revision like Ant goes with Dec, or fish goes with chips. But unlike Ant and Dec, we're not likely to become an award-winning duo when paired up with a good helping of procrastination. So to help you get yourself organised and help you focus we're here to help with student tips and expert advice. 

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When to start revising for A Levels

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘start your revision early’ seven billion times by now but how early is early? Are we talking months or weeks? Take a look at our guide.

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How to revise in a week

You know the old saying: 'Thou must never cram. But if thy do, cram well.' Or something like that. Here's our guide on how to revise in a week.

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How much revision should I do a day? 

How do you decide how much revision you should do? How much time and effort should you be spending on your subjects? These questions answered and more.

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How to stick to your revision timetable

A revision timetable might one of the best ways to organise your revision, but they’re not exactly thrilling. So here are a few tips and techniques to make it easier to stick to your timetable.

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When is the best time to revise?

Is it better to be a morning person or a night owl when it comes to revision? Does it even matter? We get to the bottom of the day vs. night revision benefits.

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Procrastination - how to beat it

Procrastination, we’ve all been there. One minute we're reading flash cards, the next minute we're on our seventh YouTube prank video. But why do we procrastinate and how do we beat it?

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Revising with a noisy family

Sister begging you to play Disney Princesses? Mom got her friends over and Dad shouting at the football? Households can be very distracting, see our top tips and how to revise. 

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How to balance work, life and exams

Feel like revision is taking over your life? We can't give you a TARDIS but we can give you some time management tips.

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Five revision distractions and how to overcome them

We all know how to get pulled away from our revision, but how do we pull ourselves back, or better still not get pulled away at all? Help is here!

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Exams and revision podcast

In this podcast, second year students Katy and Georgia discuss their revision tips on how to stay on top of it all. For Georgia it's all about the planning, however Katy confesses to being the queen of procrastination!

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