Doing exams can be stressful and sometimes it's hard to not let it get to you. So to help you stay positive and motivated, we've put together some mindfulness techniques for you to try, including exercise, healthy recipes and colouring. We've also got advice on how to stop worrying if you think your exam didn't go too well.

How to deal with revision struggles: Tierney's Tips

In the run up to exams, A Level student Tierney is keeping a diary to document her revision struggles, and share some advice on how to combat them.

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Six tips for keeping well during Ramadan and exams

This year Ramadan runs during exam season, so here’s some tips for students that can help you feel a bit more energised for exams

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How exercise can relieve exam stress

Revision getting you down? Exercise could be the answer! Read the top four ways exercise has been proven to effectively help exam stress and revision

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Coping with exams when you have anxiety

One of our students shares her top five tips for how to cope with exams and deadlines if you suffer from anxiety.

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Mindfulness breathing techniques

Are you feeling stressed by the amount of revision or exams you have? Or do you tend to panic just before going in to an exam? Our mindfulness and breathing techniques can help you.

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How colouring can help you de-stress

Find out how colouring can help you keep exam stress at bay. Try it out yourself with our free colouring PDF!

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13 thoughts thumb

13 thoughts every student has in an exam

We've all been there - the worry, the waffle-filled answers, the mental cries for help. Here's some tips to stop worrying get the better of you. 

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Real exam disasters

No amount of revision could prepare these people for what happened in the exam room. No matter how wrong you think it may go, it really won't be this bad.

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what if i fail 2

What if I fail my exams?

If you're worried about failing (and who isn't) just know there are plenty of other options available for you. There's still time to make sure you ace those exams though, here's a guide to help. 

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How to tell if your exam didn't go well

Walked out of your exam fearing the worst? Most people do! Here’s how to tell if your exam didn't go well or if you're worrying over nothing.

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Brain food - fruity oats

As we're all told, 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day'. So make sure you're eating the right kind. Oats are perfect for brain power and this recipe makes them far less boring than normal.

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Brain food - salmon wholegrain pitta pockets

Need a cheap easy lunch to keep you on track and focused during your revision packed afternoons? Our expert says these salmon pittas tick all the right boxes.

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Brain food - sweet potato tuna jackets

Is breakfast still the most important meal if you don't wake up until the afternoon? This sweet potato and tuna meal with give you all the power you need to revise long into the evening. 

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brain food - blueberry

Brain food - blueberry smoothie

Perfect for a quick pick-up or as a tasty start to the day at breakfast, this easy recipe will give you the energy boost needed to hit the books.  

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Comfort food - chocolate mug cake

If you’ve been revising hard and need a one person sized treat, this chocolate mug cake will do the job. It even has some brain food inspired ingredients.  

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The stages of revision and exams as told by emojis

Who needs words when you have emojis?! Find out which emoji sums up your revision process! It's a revision emoji takeover!

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Life after exams

So you've walked out of your last exam and the first thing you want to do is catch up on sleep. But what else will you do during all those summer days ahead? Here's some ideas.

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