How to revise effectively

Exams are coming, and much like the release of yet another Fast and Furious film, revision is inevitable. To help you along, we've got tips from experts, advice from students who have been through it and a selection of the best tried and tested revision hacks.

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How to revise in a week

You know the old saying: 'Thou must never cram. But if thy do, cram well.' Or something like that. Here's our guide on how to revise in a week.

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How much revision should I do a day? 

How do you decide how much revision you should do? How much time and effort should you be spending on your subjects? These questions answered and more.

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Revision Hacks

Wish you could just plug a memory stick into your head and download your textbooks? Well, we're not miracle workers but we've compiled some of the best revision hacks to help you nail those exams this summer.

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What's your learning type and tips for tailored techniques

There's a golden way to revise for everyone and we're going to help you find it. Just take our quiz to find out how you should revise. We've even put some top tips together.

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Why are mock exams important?

Think mock exams are a waste of time? Think again. We share why your mock exams and AS levels are worth your time. Practice makes perfect!

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