How to keep on top of your BTEC assignments


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You decided to take a BTEC, which means you get to dodge a load of terrifying exams. Take a moment to celebrate – not too long though, because you’ve most likely figured out by now that BTECs are no walk in the park.

Assignments can build up if you don’t keep on top of them, especially as they all seem to be due in around the same time. So to avoid BTEC blues, check out our coursework beating tips.

1. Start early

Starting earlier - clearing

You’ve heard this one before, possibly hundreds of times, but one of the redeeming factors of BTEC coursework is that you can get it done early and start having some fun. You could even take a risk and plan a trip a week before your deadline so you know you have to get it all done as soon as possible – this will also give you something to look forward to!

2. Employ a robot

clearing robot

Your robot could look exactly like you so they can do the exam for you. OK, so we doubt you’ve got the cash for that, but you could get a website like Google Translate to read your assignment to you. You’re going to have to focus on spelling and grammar more than students doing exams as you’re writing longer pieces. Having someone (or something) read your work to you highlights those mark-stealing errors.

3. Avoid writing in your bedroom

Revising in your room

It might sound silly, but different rooms are for different things. The kitchen is for cooking, the living room is for relaxing and the bedroom is for sleeping. Studying in such close proximity to your bed can lead to a great four-hour nap, but not much studying. Try getting out of the house to a library or café so you can work through the difficult parts of your coursework without crawling into bed. If you’re having problems staying focused, see our tips on how to avoid procrastination, if for no other reason than to procrastinate a little longer. 

4. Time management is the best motivator

Setting yourself achievable chunks of work each day will have you feeling like you’re really making progress. Set yourself a main task each day, which will go towards completing a big part of your coursework for that week. Get started on an assignment calendar and plan at least one thing to accomplish per day. Being able to cross tasks off your assignment planner will give you more motivation and you’ll be able to see what you’ve done, as well as plan what you have yet to do.

5. Prioritise the assignment you don't want to do

btec image 5

Are you absolutely dreading one of your assignments? Would you rather run a marathon than start it? Getting stuck in will help you feel loads better about it. Leaving the assignment hanging over you will stress you out and affect your progress on the rest of your assignments. After all, once you get the hardest part out of the way, the rest won’t seem so bad! If you don’t want to miss any study tips before your deadline, sign up to our study hacks newsletter!

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Worried? Don't be!

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