Our facilities

When you start at university the facilities will play a key part in developing your creative vision. Here at the Birmingham School of Jewellery, we combine the traditional techniques with the cutting edge of design and making.  

Our industry-standard facilities are unrivalled – we have everything you need under one impressive roof, including specialist horology labs, 3D printing, silversmithing, jewellery laboratories and more.  

Working with our expert technicians, you'll be supported from concept through to completion. 

There are purpose-built spaces throughout the building to present your work in a thriving, exhibition-orientated home.

Workshop - Jewellery
Half Gas Air Torch - Jewellery
HND - Jewellery
Studio Space - Jewellery
Process Area - Jewellery
BA Space - Jewellery
BA Space - Jewellery
Horology clock - Jewellery
Horology Watch - Jewellery
Horology Watch - Jewellery
We offer state-of-the-art 3D printing and programmes.
Basement - Jewellery
Off hand grinder - Jewellery
Materials - Jewellery
Laser Cutter - Jewellery
Handworking Tools - Jewellery
Silversmithing - Jewellery
Lagun - Jewellery
Rose engine - Jewellery
Lecture Theatre - Jewellery

Assay Office

Gemmology 1
Gemmology 2
Gemmology 3
Gemmology 4
Gemmology 5
Gemmology 6
Gemmology 7
Gemmology 8
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