Gosta Green

Our Gosta Green campus closed in Summer 2013. All courses and art and design school activities that were previously based at this campus have now moved to our City Centre Campus.

Farewell Gosta Green

To mark the closure of Gosta Green – and a special moment in the University’s history – staff within our art and design schools compiled a series of postcards portraying their memories of the building.

Yarn store cupboard in Jacquard weave

By Sheila Bennett, Technician in the School of Fashion, Textiles and 3D Design.

I chose this image because it represents a regular part of my time at Gosta Green. I have used this cupboard every working day for nearly 30 years! My favourite memory of Gosta Green was a lunchtime summer barbecue we had in the quadrangle outside the print workshop.

Glass corridor with Magnolia tree

By Lois Wallace, Visual Communication Lecturer

I selected the corridor in Gosta Green for my postcard as I think it typifies the period of the building. It is one area of the building that has remained unchanged over the years and has the familiar view of the garden through the window. It is also a corridor of great extremes.

The Brickyard

By Terry Hunt, former School of Jewellery Lecturer

This was a photo I found in the School of Jewellery archive. It brings back memories of one of the many phases that Gosta Green went through. I have many memories, in particular the awesome end-of-year masked balls.

The Hubert Dalwood sculpture

By Professor Andrew Kulman, Course Director

This image is of a sculpture at Gosta Green by the famous Hubert Dalwood. I chose to design the feel to reflect the period of the building, a sixties pop look mixed with a period architectural drawing aesthetic. I have so many wonderful memories of Gosta Green that it's hard to choose a favourite!