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Should my son or daughter live at home or in halls of residence?

Deciding whether or not to move away from home for university is a very personal decision.

Some students decide to live at home for their first year, then move into a shared house with friends in their second and third years. Others want to live in halls even if their parents live close to campus.

Pros Cons
Living with other students close to campus Costs
More independence More responsibility for domestic chores
Making new friends Losing touch with friends from home

What accommodation do you offer?

We maintain friendly and affordable self-catering halls of residence with CCTV and 24-hour security. Rooms vary from one person studio flats to shared houses. A limited amount of single sex accommodation is available.

Most of the students living in our halls are first-year students – most second- and third-year students choose to privately rent shared houses together.

Birmingham City University has eight campuses, but most of our students study at one campus most of the time. Unfortunately, due to demand, we can’t always offer students the halls closest to their campus, but it’s worth encouraging your son or daughter to consider this when they apply.

For full details, please visit our Accommodation section.

How much does it cost?

We offer a range of accommodation to suit all needs and pockets. Our prices are determined by the policy that halls of residence should break even.

Accommodation fees are subject to annual increases and can be paid upfront, or in three or nine instalments.

Students living in halls are usually exempt from Council Tax.

What accommodation do you offer for disabled students?

We have several accessible/adapted rooms already available and we have not had any problems meeting disabled students’ accommodation needs to date.

How do I apply?

When your son or daughter has firmly accepted an offer to study at Birmingham City University, they can apply online for accommodation. Rooms are allocated at the beginning of July, and you will receive a room offer email or letter.