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International fees

Your tuition fees (per year) cover normal tuition, examination costs and membership of the Students’ Union. Fees for non-EU students are higher because the University does not receive any external support funding from the British Government.

For academic years 2017/18 and 2018/19, the international fees will be:

Courses2017/18 Fees (Per Year)2018/19 Fees (Per Year)
Foundation courses (FCEAP) £8,900 £8,900
All undergraduate and postgraduate £12,000 £12,000
Undergraduate - Birmingham School of Acting - Acting BA (Hons) £15,500 £15,500
Undergraduate - Birmingham School of Acting - other courses £15,500 £15,500
Undergraduate - Birmingham Conservatoire £15,500 £19,500
Placement fee £3,760 £3,760
MA framework (Band A) £12,000 £12,000
MA framework (Luxury / Jewellery related) and International MBA (Band B) £14,500 £14,500
Postgraduate - Birmingham School of Acting £15,500 £15,500
Postgraduate - Birmingham Conservatoire - MMus (Intensive) / Professional Performance Adv PgDip £17,500 £22,000
Postgraduate - Birmingham Conservatoire - all other PG courses £15,500 £19,500
MSc Enterprise Systems Management £13,200 £13,200
MSc Accounting and Finance (6 month option) £4,000 £4,500
MSc Accounting and Finance (CIMA pathway) Dip only £8,500 £8,500
ACCA full-time £3,800 - £5,700 (£950 per paper) £3,800 - £5,700 (£950 per paper)

Tuition fees are paid by equal instalments at the beginning of each semester. Fees must be paid in Pounds Sterling. If you pay your tuition fees in full during enrolment at the start of your course, you will be entitled to £300 discount.

Your fee status

If we make you an offer of a place on a course on the basis that you are an overseas student, you will have to pay the higher rate ‘overseas’ tuition fee. However, if you can show a relevant connection to the UK or the EU, you may be classed as a ‘home’ student and be exempt from international fees.

If you fit into one of the following categories, you could be eligible to pay ‘home’ fees. You'll need to complete a Fee Status Questionnaire to help us determine your status (see below).

  • Category 1 – Those who are ‘settled’ in the UK and meet the main residence requirement
  • Category 2 – Non-UK EEA Migrant Workers
  • Category 3 – Swiss ‘Worker’ and family
  • Category 4 – EU Nationals and family
  • Category 5 – Non-UK EU Nationals who have spent at least three years in the UK
  • Category 6 – EU National/Family member with Right of Permanent Residence
  • Category 7 – ‘Settle’ people who utilise a Right of Residence
  • Category 8 – Child of Swiss National
  • Category 9 – Child of a Turkish worker
  • Category 10 – Person with Refugee status or Humanitarian Protection and family.

You can download the Fee Status Questionnaire form and return it for assessment to You must also send us copies of all relevant documents to support your claim. The rules relating to which students are charged the higher rate ‘overseas’ tuition fee are determined by the UK Government.

Find out more about your fee status.

Living costs

It is important to carefully consider the financial implications of studying in the United Kingdom. In addition to paying tuition fees, you will need to cover your living expenses, including accommodation, food, heating, travel, books and stationery, while you are studying in the UK.

The UK Border Agency requires you to have a minimum amount of savings in your bank account before it will issue you with a student visa to enable you to study in the UK.

Find out more about living costs.