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Student Info

Did you know we offer a range of learning support to help improve the skills of our students and ensure they achieve academic success?
It's part of the reason why we won The Times Higher Education Award for Outstanding Support for Students.

More about Library and Learning Support

In Student Information, we offer a range of help and advice that will help you decide why Birmingham City University is the place for you.

You can learn how to apply for a place on one of our courses, check out our student accommodation and discover more about services that will enable you to gain the most from your studies.

Why Study at BCU

Discover the reasons you should choose us – from increasing your employability to studying in a vibrant city.
Why Study at BCU >>

Shaping the World  

Our graduates are shaping the world. Discover the impact they are making in this country and across the globe.
Shaping the World >>

Open Days

Our Open Days are designed to give you all the information you need about the University, with a full events programme.
Open Days >>

Money Matters

Discover all you need to know about tuition fees, living expenses and all the costs associated with university.
Finance and Money Matters >>
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Financial support

Depending on your course and level of study, you may be eligible for financial support during your studies.
Financial Support >>


We offer a range of accommodation throughout the city, from University-owned Halls to private residences.
Accommodation >>

How to Apply

The process of applying for a place varies depending on your course and level of study. Follow our step-by-step guide.
How to apply >>

Student Services

Here at Birmingham City University we pride ourselves on how much support we can give to students.
Go to Student Services >>

Students' Union

Discover the SU's varied and exciting, entertainments programme and the other help they offer.
Students' Union >>

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