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  • Artist Teacher Scheme

    Short Course - 2016/17 entry

    The Artist Teacher Scheme (ATS) is a professional development programme for art teachers and educators. Our strap line is ‘professional development that makes space for you’ and the course is based around the premise that...

    Artist Teacher Scheme
  • CAD Rhino Jewellery / Matrix for Designer Makers

    Short Course - CSD - 2017/18 entry

    This part-time evening course is intended for students and designer-makers who wish to acquire a solid foundation in the practical application of computer-aided design (CAD). The course covers the creation of 2D artwork for...

    CAD Rhino Jewellery / Matrix for Designer Makers
  • Creative Self-Development: Silversmithing

    Short Course - CSD - 2017/18 entry

    This silversmithing short course is ideal if you are interested in metal working, whether at a beginner or more advanced level. You will be introduced to hand production silversmithing techniques such as forming, planishing,...

    Creative Self-Development: Silversmithing
  • Creative Self-Development: Stone Setting

    Short Course - CSD - 2017/18 entry

    These part-time evening classes will teach you stone setting techniques that are currently used in the jewellery industry, such as claw, grain and pave settings, channel, tension and burnished settings. For this purpose cast...

    Creative Self-Development: Stone Setting
  • Drawing and Portfolio Development

    Drawing and Portfolio Development

    Short Course - CSD - 2016/17 entry

    This short course which is for one term only is aimed at showing those, who don’t think they can draw, that it is possible to develop an aptitude to observe and interpret inspiration so that design ideas can be translated into...

    Drawing and Portfolio Development
  • Gemmology

    Short Course - Diamond Diploma - 2017/18 entry

    The Gem Diamond Diploma follows the syllabus of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) and is suitable for those who need to study diamonds in-depth, either to further their career or to fuel their passion. The...

  • Jewellery Making for All

    Short Course - CSD - 2016/17 entry

    We have a variety of courses aimed at providing you with specific education through the acquisition of skills, knowledge and understanding if you already work or are aiming to work in the jewellery industry and allied trades. ...

    Jewellery Making for All
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