As a Speech and Language Therapy student, you will experience a number of placement opportunities to help you develop different aspects of your learning.

Conversation partner scheme

For some people, having a conversation is not as easy as they would like because their communication is impaired.

In your first year, we ask students to become conversation partners with a person who has a communication difficulty.

This enables our students to learn how to adapt their communication skills in order to help their partner take part in conversation.

Observation and clinical placements

During your first year, you will organise a visit to a local nursery to undertake an observation placement lasting one week. You can organise this within the University areas or in your home area if you prefer.

Clinical placements take place across a range of environments including NHS hospitals, schools and community health clinics.

For students on the full-time course, the second year placement lasts eight weeks, from October to December. In your final year of study, the placement lasts 15 weeks from January to May. You will attend placement for four days a week and one day each week is your study day.

On the part-time route, you will attend placement for two days a week. In your third year of study, you will go on placement for two days a week for 16 weeks from January to April. In your sixth and final year of the course, you will go on placement for two days a week for 30 weeks. This takes up much of the academic year from September to April.

We place a large proportion of our students in the West Midlands for their placement blocks. We do also use national placements too.