Model United Nations

Centre for Human Rights Model UN Image 350x263 - Students at a Model UNThe Centre for Human Rights has expertise in organising Model United Nations (or “MUN’s”), with a particular focus on the UN Security Council.

We have worked with members of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to provide the highest quality simulated exercise of international relations, international humanitarian law and international human rights law within the multi-lateral dialogues and further political and legal issues concerning the United Nations.

Within the MUN, we have provided training for the FCO Youth Inspiration Group, students on the Chevening Scholarship (LINK), and Birmingham City University law students.

We have held the MUN at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and at Birmingham City University, and it provides a wonderful educative and practical experience for the participants in presenting speeches at the United Nations, engaging with the political intricacies of alliance building to support member state interests, and the complexities of formulating appropriate legislative language for inclusion in a Security Council Resolution.

See Model United Nations in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for more info.

Past participants

Past participants of the MUN have stated:

“I had the honour to participate in the session and it has been an unforgettable experience. It has not only provided a deep insight into the decision making process and the difficulties of drafting a resolution but it helped students to become familiar with the UN mission and to start thinking about a potential career. I have seen enthusiastic speeches and bright students committed to an excellent result. Looking forward to the next MUN!”

Centre for Human Rights Model UN Image 2 350x263 - Students at a Model UN “This was a great opportunity for us all to take part in such a hands-on event like the MUN. This gave us all a greater understanding of how complex international law is and why it is so difficult for countries to come to a consensus on humanitarian and human rights issues. This was a once in a life-time experience which I and we all are very honoured and appreciative to have been a part of it. All the speeches were at such a high standard and I would advise all prospective students taking part in this event to enjoy the day, to ask lots of questions and not to worry too much about your speech!”

“A great academic experience to say the least! A very memorable day and an excellent hands-on experience. The MUN provided invaluable insights that you will not be able to get in the lecture theatre. It enabled us to understand the complexities of international law and engage with it hands-on. It helped me understand and appreciate why countries struggle to agree on many issues. An excellent platform for academic and professional advancement. I would love to take part again and recommend it to all students.”      

The MUN is now used as the assessment for Birmingham City University’s LLB module in international human rights.