This section will include a selection of publications from members of the Centre for Human Rights. Centre members publish academic works, author consultancy documents and provide policy papers for governments and political regions.  

Selected publications include:

Liviu Damsa, The Transformation of Property Regimes and Transitional Justice in Central Eastern Europe, (Springer International Publishing, 2017)

Haydn Davies, The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015: Duties or Aspirations? 18Environmental Law Review, March 2016 edition, 41-56

Haydn Davies, Equal Protection and Environmental Justice:  A Matter of Unconscious Injustice?  in Richardson-Oakes, A (ed) Controversies in US Constitutional Law – Equal Protection 275-290 (Routledge Publishing, 2015)

Haydn Davies, Environmental Justice and Equal Protection: Intent, Motivation and Cognition in Decisionmaking. 4(2) Journal of Human Rights and the Environment 191-214 (2013)

Luci Kartar-Hyett, Is Patriarchy Preventing the Prosecution of Crimes Against Women in African States: A Kenyan and Ugandan Perspective 24(2) African Journal of International and Comparative Law 175-198 (2016)

Ozlem Ulgen, Boycotts, Funds, and Class Actions: Democratic Imperative Mechanisms against Corporate Complicity in Human Rights Violations, The Palestine Yearbook of International Law, 18 115-143 (2016)

Ozlem Ulgen, Strengthening European union Democratic Accountability Through National and Treaty-Based Pre-Legislative Control, German Law Journal 16(4): 741-780, Sept. 2015

Jon Yorke, Comity, Finality, and Oklahoma’s Lethal Injection Protocol, 69 Oklahoma Law Review 4 (2017)                                                   

Jon Yorke, Capital Punishment, in Joel Krieger,Margaret E. Crahan, Craig N. Murphy, and Ayse Kaya, (eds) The Oxford Companion to Comparative Politics, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013)

Jon Yorke, Sovereignty and the Unnecessary Penalty of Death: European and United States Perspectives, in Austin Sarat and Jürgen Martschukat (eds) Is the Death penalty Dying? European and American Perspectives (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011)

Jon Yorke (ed) The Right to Life and the Value of Life: Orientations in Law, Politics and Ethics, (Abindgon: Routledge Publishing, 2010)

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