BCU remains fully committed to a two campus vision


Birmingham City University remains fully committed to its ambitious Estates strategy, says Vice-Chancellor Professor Cliff Allan.

The University is working towards focusing its operation on two main campuses, City Centre and City South, as part of a long-term strategic vision.

“We are confident that our campus strategy will bring huge benefits to our students, our strategic partners and the city as a whole,” said Professor Allan, who added that the University will also be operating from the Perry Barr campus for some years to come.

“We appreciate that our investment plans have attracted concerns from some individuals which is to be expected when delivering such an ambitious project,” said Professor Allan.

The Give Perry Barr A Chance group continues to campaign against our plans for Phase Two of the City Centre campus.

“This group claims to represent students, however the vast majority of BCU students, and the Students’ Union, as well as our city partners, fully back our estates plans, including the Phase Two build,” said the Vice-Chancellor.

“The University also remains an active stakeholder within the Perry Barr area and we are working closely with the City Council, property and planning experts, and other key stakeholders to identify potential solutions for the future of the Perry Barr site, that will meet both the University’s requirements and the community’s needs.”

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