Salad Cream or Sandwich Cream? Nutrition expert says ignore the label, it’s the contents that counts

Salad Cream

A health expert at Birmingham City University says it’s more important to think about the contents of Salad Cream rather than its new name, as the sauce contains high levels of unhealthy sugars, salts and fats.

In the wake of this week’s announcement that Heinz is considering changing the name of Salad Cream sauce to Sandwich Cream, Dr Matt Cole, Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, advises that it’s more important to think about quantities of ingredients in the sauce and consider healthier alternatives.

Food and Nutrition

Birmingham City University

Dr Matt Cole said:

“There has been widespread reaction to Heinz Salad Cream potentially being renamed.

“As a nutritionist I feel that there needs to be more focus on health aspects, more specifically, the contents of the sauce.

“Most people are not aware that salad cream contains high amounts of sugar, salts and fats. A regular 295g bottle contains 23.8 grams of fat per 100g, 17 grams of sugar per 100 grams and amounts to approximately 2,000 calories.

“Many shop-bought sauces are produced with alarmingly high quantities of sugar, salt and colouring for an enhanced taste.

“Though the contents are quite high, Salad Cream is something that can be eaten in moderation; no more than a teaspoon with a meal is the limit I would recommend.

“Healthy alternatives to this sauce can be things like Marmite, mustard, homemade ketchup, harissa or pesto sauce.”

The public can find out more about the University’s Courses in Nutrition as part of the Open Day being held on Saturday 30 June at City South Campus.

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