Clearing - lets talk about you

Clearing. Let's talk about you.

Places available to start this September.

Clearing 2017

Online enrolment

Once you've received an unconditional offer of a place, it's important that you enrol as a student of the University - then you can begin enjoying the benefits of being a student here.

Contact us
Enquiries about enrolment

Call: +44 (0)121 331 5659

After you have enrolled, if you have any questions about your course or the induction process, please call the appropriate Faculty:

Faculty of Arts, Design and Media
+44(0)121 331 5719

Faculty of Business, Law and Social Sciences
+44 (0)121 331 6766

Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment
+44 (0)121 331 7424

Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences
+44 (0)121 331 6600

You’ll receive an email from us with full instructions on how to complete enrolment online before you arrive at the University.

Your login details and guidance about this process will be included in the email, which you will receive four to eight weeks before your course start date.

Our top three tips for successful enrolment

  1. Don’t wait. Complete the process as soon as possible so you can start to access a range of facilities and systems before you arrive.
  2. Know your name. It might sound obvious, but the name you give us at enrolment will be the one issued on all documentation, including your degree certificate. So make sure you enter it correctly.
  3. Check your details. Make sure everything you declare on your enrolment form is accurate, as we reserve the right to remove any student from their course if it is proven they have falsified or falsely declared information. Which we really don’t want to do.

Use your BCU email

Even before you enrol, we'll send you your University ID and password. With these, you'll be able to access your University email account Don't be a chicken: do it straight away!

Your University email account is where we'll send all your need-to-know information, so check it regularly. Need to print something, find out if a class has moved, park your car, access student employment opportunities, get graduation tickets? You'll find all the answers in your University Inbox. You can even link it to your smartphone. And it's the only place your tutors will correspond with you, so it's really important.

So, before you do anything else: get in there, find out how it works and send a hello email to your mum, your best friend, your neighbour ... whoever, to celebrate the fact that you're a Birmingham City University student now. And once you've done that, get out and enjoy Welcome Week!