Food and drink in Birmingham

The food and drink scene in Birmingham is thriving. With all-year-round street food, award-winning restaurants, big name chains and independent bars and cafés, it's a haven for foodies and generally hungry people.

The best places to go for a mixed grill in Birmingham

Birmingham is brimming with restaurants and bars offering a mixed grill, you'll be spoilt for choice. Here's our guide.

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Birmingham Chinatown food guide

Chinatown is an absolute treat, full with amazing restaurants. 

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Where to get a brew in Birmingham

All of the UK loves a cuppa and Birmingham is no different!

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Where to get vegan food in Birmingham

Birmingham is full of amazing restaurants that have heaps of vegan dishes.

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Birmingham's best sandwiches

We all love a good sarnie and Birmingham has many on offer!

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What you can get for £20 at Birmingham's German Market

20 pounds, 20 minutes and a task to get as much Christmas loot as possible.

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