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Clearing. Let's talk about you.

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Clearing 2017

National Student Survey

  • 91 per cent of our students agreed that staff are good at explaining things to them

  • Students with ideas

    88 per cent said staff are enthusiastic about what they are teaching

  • student reading out work to group

    86 per cent of students said their communication skills had improved as a result of their studies

We want to offer everyone who studies at our University the very best student experience and are committed to acting on feedback to ensure we are continuing to meet people’s needs.

Every year the National Student Survey (NSS) allows us to monitor how well we are performing and whether we are meeting student expectations. Where the NSS has highlighted issues, we have been able to respond in a quick and effective manner.

Feedback from the NSS has led to a number of changes to services across the University; for example, as a result of requests from students we extended the opening hours of our libraries, introduced Fairtrade products in our cafés and now have a designated environmental officer together with a new institution-wide environment policy.

Some changes made in previous years as a result of the NSS

  • Extended Library opening hours during peak times
  • Additional Library information skills sessions provided
  • All students were given 100 free print credits
  • Internet service in the Halls of Residence was outsourced to provide a better service

NSS Results 2016

Overall, 91 per cent of our students said staff were good at explaining things and 88 per cent said staff were enthusiastic about what they taught. 

86 per cent of students said their communication skills had improved as a result of their studies, while 85 per cent of students said they had been able to contact staff when they needed to. 

97 per cent of our English students were satisfied with their course as were 96 per cent of our Medicine students.

94 per cent of our Drama, Architecture and English and Creative Writing students were satisfied with their courses.