Is Clearing for me?


Is Clearing for me?

If you’re thinking of applying to university through Clearing, it’s a common misconception that you’re using this process because of one reason – that you haven’t achieved the grades you were hoping for. That’s certainly not true!

Clearing offers a perfect opportunity for a last minute decision or change of heart. You may feel you’ve selected the wrong course or university, you might have originally opted not to study or you might fancy changing your career path.

Here are some of the most common situations we encounter every year. Take our quiz to see if Clearing could be an option for you.

Phil clearing 1. You changed your mind

If you're having second thoughts about your university choices you're not alone. Philip was unsure about the direction he was taking and on results day he was able to get back on track by changing his course through Clearing. Read more about Phil's story.

Simon Glazin2. You chose the wrong subject

You may have elected to study one subject, only to realise that maybe your ambitions lie in something completely different. Simon Glazin came to Birmingham City University originally studying Sociology, only to realise he’d rather be doing English. For him, the change paid off, as he’s now an award-winning fashion journalist.

Sharina Kamali3. You lost your job

You might have your change of plan thrown at you. Sharina Kamali lost her job as a support worker, and decided to make the most of this unexpected news by applying for a place on our Social Work course. “Going back to education felt like a progression,” she said. “I know going back meant a different career at the end of it.” Read more about Sharina's story.

Hannah Patterson4. You’re stuck in the wrong career

Some students choose Clearing if they are fed up with their job. Hannah Patterson was working in a bank and realised that it wasn’t the career she really wanted, so made the last-minute decision to study Media and Communication. Hannah now works as a presenter and voiceover artist.

Scott Vallely5. Fear of missing out

With your friends busy planning their university choices; it’s easy to get swept up in the buzz of higher education. Scott Vallely was originally uninterested in university, but after catching his friends’ excitement, he started to re-consider his decision about his plans for September and applied to Birmingham City University through Clearing. Read more about Scott's story.

Rhi image 016. Exam results weren't what you expected

Exams didn't go completely to plan? Rhiannon was in your position and now she's studying the best course for her. Even if you didn't meet your conditional offer there's still options available to you. Clearing helps thousands of students just like you find a university place every year. Read more about Rhiannon's story.

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